Communication change in the world of work: Stadtwerke Dortmund is adapting the APP21

The digitalisation of communication has altered the demands for internal company processes, necessitating adaptive solutions like APP21. The innovative employee app was introduced by Dortmunder Stadtwerke to provide a centralised and mobile communication platform.

The app enables employees to communicate effectively in real-time and to collect and process data and information in a structured manner. Despite the rapid flow of information and increasing data volume, APP21 ensures orderly and organized access for all employees, even those without company devices. Stadtwerke Dortmund uses APP21 to maintain fast, dynamic, intelligent, and structured communication that meets the challenges of a rapidly changing digital working environment.

DSW21 focuses on 'mobile first': the new employee app prioritises optimal accessibility

Stadtwerke Dortmund has implemented a 'mobile first' strategy with APP21 to cater to the needs of the dynamic and mobile workforce. The app provides DSW21's 3000+ employees with the flexibility to access crucial company information via a smartphone or web browser at any time. This demonstrates DSW21's innovative approach to connecting and supporting its employees throughout the organization.

DSW21's employee app ensures the highest standards of security and data protection

DSW21 places great importance on data protection and security, particularly when implementing new technologies. The APP21 employee app meets strict security requirements, including those necessary for sensitive industries such as banking ('Banken-safe'). The GDPR-compliant application has been approved by DSW21's data protection officers, demonstrating a high level of trust in the app's security architecture.

The DSW21 employee app allows for individual customisation, providing flexible adaptations

Unlike many competing products, APP21 is highly adaptable and expandable. It was developed specifically for the needs and structures of Stadtwerke Dortmund and its sub-companies. The app offers individualized user experiences and facilitates the onboarding of new employees with an automated workflow, thanks to its sophisticated roles and rights system. Stadtwerke Dortmund is promoting effective and interactive corporate communication that is geared towards the future.

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Here you can find our reference document "APP21 Mitarbeiter-App" for Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG DSW21 (German).

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The DSW21 employee app: 

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