AppPlusMobile's appmover platform has received positive press and enthusiastic user feedback

The innovative taxi subsidy system is already being used in various districts, including Kleve, Viersen, and Rheingau-Taunus, to provide customised taxi services such as 'Night-Mover 2.0' and 'Jugendtaxi RTK'. The platform has established itself as a reliable solution for sponsored mobility, with over 50,000 young people being brought home safely every year in Kleve alone. The application has garnered significant media attention and boasts high user satisfaction ratings in app stores. This further reinforces the team's dedication and support.

Increasing user numbers through digital transformation with appmover

The transition from paper-based voucher systems to the innovative digital appmover solution has significantly simplified the use of taxi services. The intuitive iOS and Android apps not only make using taxi services easier and faster but have also led to a significant increase in user numbers. This digital transformation meets the modern need for efficient and user-friendly mobility solutions.

Automating and digitising the management system with appmover

The appmover backend management system facilitates the efficient management of taxi services. Operators benefit from an automated and digitalised platform that enables easy adjustment of settings, journey monitoring, and quick and automatic payment processing. Appmover is available for iOS and Android, providing a user-friendly interface that optimises both administration and the user experience.

Would you like to establish a youth taxi service? Are you interested in upgrading from a paper-based system? Or perhaps you would like to utilise a women's or social taxi service?

Sample media for the sponsoring taxi - everything you need to get on board

Advertising and instruction leaflet for transport companies (PDF)


Project planning for scalability and performance

Our speciality is planning and developing highly scalable architectures that utilise state-of-the-art technologies. Our expertise ensures seamless performance even with high user numbers.

Future-oriented application development

Explore the future of application development with our cross-platform solution. Our technology is hosted on servers located in Germany, ensuring state-of-the-art security measures and compliance with the GDPR. Our methods are proven and include comprehensive backups.

Unique visual user experiences

We set new standards in user experience through cutting-edge graphic design and state-of-the-art UX, created using Figma to produce vivid click dummies and wireframes. Our designs not only meet but exceed the latest guidelines from Apple and Google.

Data security compliant with GDPR

Data protection is of utmost importance to us, particularly when it concerns young people. Our data management system ensures the highest security standards by collecting only the necessary data and not granting third parties access. Our processes exceed the requirements of the GDPR, including simple self-disclosure and genuine anonymisation of user data.

Straightforward onboarding process without requiring an application

We believe that nobody should have to learn another complicated application. Our system is optimised for simplicity and efficiency, particularly for taxi and hire car drivers. With just two specially coded QR codes, all necessary steps are covered - without the need for a taxi driver application, but with an efficient management system.

Continuous updates and innovative features

Our dedication to quality means that we are always improving and expanding our system. We are continuously developing new features, such as a rechargeable user budget and time-based billing, and welcome your suggestions to enhance our offering.

Advertising and instruction leaflet for transport companies (PDF)

appmover facilitates social participation by enhancing mobility.

The appmover app is instrumental in promoting social participation. The 'nightmover' youth taxi service enables young people to safely and cost-effectively participate in social activities, including cultural, sporting, and private events. This safe transportation option makes it easier for young people and their families, without parents having to worry about driving their children.

Travel safely with reliable taxi drivers through appmover

Safety is appmover's highest priority. The app reduces the risk of traffic accidents after visiting nightclubs, provides a safe ride home for women, and keeps senior citizens mobile. Appmover ensures reliable and safe transportation by using officially regulated taxi and hire car companies with professional drivers.

appmover: the on-demand transport platform for customised taxi services

Safety and comfort for young people, women and senior citizens