In a world where technology permeates everyday life, it's time to take oral hygiene to the next level. An innovative Bluetooth app makes it easy to control and connect toothbrushes, taking oral hygiene to a new level. Whether you want to introduce children to brushing in a playful way, monitor correct brushing technique or simply place an extra emphasis on oral hygiene, an app can provide the solution you are looking for.

Features and options

A Bluetooth app designed specifically for Android and iOS offers a range of features to improve and optimise your oral hygiene. With an app, you can control one or more toothbrushes and network them together to create a personalised brushing experience. In addition, data can be transferred from the toothbrush to the smartphone and recorded to give you a detailed insight into your oral care habits.

Multiple use cases

There are many uses for a Bluetooth app, from introducing children to brushing in a fun way to monitoring the brushing technique of people with specific dental problems. Parents can use the app to playfully teach their children the importance of good oral hygiene, while people with dental problems can improve their brushing technique and optimise their oral health.

A Bluetooth app also offers solutions for different sectors and areas:

  • Elderly care: An app can help elderly people monitor their oral hygiene and ensure that they brush their teeth thoroughly, especially if they need assistance due to age-related limitations or cognitive problems.
  • Dental practices: Dentists can use an app to help patients improve their oral hygiene between appointments and monitor their brushing technique. They can also make personalised recommendations based on the recorded data.
  • Schools and educational institutions: Teachers and educators can use an app to teach students the importance of good oral hygiene and help them develop good habits.
  • Nursing facilities: In care facilities, an app can help caregivers monitor the oral hygiene of their residents and ensure they are receiving appropriate care.
  • Wellness and health centres: Wellness and health centres can offer an app as part of their health promotion programmes and help their clients improve their oral hygiene and keep their teeth healthy.

High compatibility with multiple Bluetooth standards:

For maximum compatibility, an app uses multiple Bluetooth standards, including Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). This allows you to use the app with a wide range of toothbrush models and benefit from the many features and options it offers.

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