appmover: Was sind Sponsoring-Modelle und was macht sie so besonders?

Viele Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene nutzen den appmover bereits für eine sichere Heimfahrt mit einem Taxi oder Mietwagen. Mit der Nutzung bekommen sie so einen Zuschuss zum Fahrtpreis.

Besonders attraktiv: je mehr Personen gleichzeitig den appmover nutzen, desto höher fällt am Ende der gewährte Zuschuss aus, da jede/r appmover Nutzer oder Nutzerin einen individuellen Zuschuss für die Fahrt erhält und sich somit schnell addiert. Diese Zuschüsse werden von Sponsoren übernommen. In der Regel sind dies Landkreise oder Kommunen. Allerdings können auch zusätzliche Sponsoren beitragen und damit den Zuschuss weiter erhöhen - so könnten die Nutzer des appmovers sogar gänzlich kostenlos fahren.


What will be the impact of a shortage of skilled workers on passenger transportation?

A shortage of skilled workers in numerous sectors is currently a topic of substantial debate. Sectors such as healthcare, social services, teaching and education, construction, surveying, and building services engineering are often specifically emphasised. Nevertheless, it becomes evident rapidly that the prevailing issue also affects other sectors, including passenger transportation.

Passenger transport is a significant economic sector that plays a key role in population mobility, tourism and freight transport. As per a report by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), it is anticipated that by 2030 there would be a shortage of approximately 100K qualified workers in passenger transport, including drivers for buses and trains, as well as service personnel. This, in turn, will arguably have a detrimental effect on the quality and dependability of services, safety, and environmental preservation.


Carpooling outside of the professional world

Carpooling is a long-established form of transportation in the working world, helping to save costs and reduce the environmental impact of unnecessary CO² emissions. Today, the basic principle of carpooling seems primarily associated with daily commute, but there is another facet in which carpooling can play an important role - in nightlife.


App Releases in China: A Rocky Path

Using your app in China? Hardly anyone knows about the troublesome process until release - we do it for our customers.

Let's assume: a manufacturer of industrial machines needs a mobile app to operate his assembly robots. Sure, he commissions us to develop the app - no problem. How does our customer's app reach the machine’s operator? Through the app stores, of course.